IT Management Services
IT Management Services

Wireless Network Setup

Wireless networks are important in both businesses and homes. They allow for accessibility in areas where you can’t get wires or if you have multiple devices that have no input for a direct wire, Wireless networks become a necessity in larger businesses because with multiple floors and rooms, comes inefficiency and inaccessibility.

Our trained professionals here at SpaceCenter Systems will help your business get connected. The first steps we will take will includes an on-site consultation for your access points and where they will be placed throughout your building. Then we will begin the installation of the access points where we will then run cables from your server room to said access points. This will allow for your wireless network to broadcast throughout the entirety of your business with maximum strength and will allow connectivity for your all employees and clients.

If you’re a business that needs a top notch wireless network, look no further! Start your partnership with SpaceCenter Systems today!

*All network jobs do require an on-site consultation for accuracy in the amount of cables needed throughout the complex as well as equipment so that we can ensure that we have the right tools for the job. The consultation is also needed for an accurate price for the job.

Customized services and IT Solutions done the right way!

Feel free to give us a call at (281) 482-2031 to set up a consultation for your business and let us give you the personalized, customized system you’ve always wanted.